Our success relies on the success of talents program

People are the most fundamental and active elements of an organization. The one with the most powerful talents owns the future. As people are the core creativity of an organization, it is our relentless goal to ensure our employees to benefit from company's growth and achieve mutual growth and win-win results.


We know very well we have responsibility to our employees, to the company and to our society, therefore we pay great attention to people's development.


We look for an adaptable, self-motivated and enthusiastic partner who is also a team player. If you are qualified, why not join us to develop your talents and capabilities?


If you are interested in the following positions, please send your resume to hr@jmresources.com.cn, or submit your resume online.

Job opportunities: 

Front office:  sales and operators of domestic and foreign trade

Middle office: treasury operation specialists, and trading, settlement and

 risk control personnel

Back office: finance, admin, corporate planning and receptionist

Operation Specialist
Trading Department
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