Copper Trading Department is JinMai's core business division which focuses on domestic and foreign trade of copper cathodes and copper raw materials as well as other related resources, logistics, finance and other integrated services.

The Department has a young and energetic team whose members have extensive industry experience and deep understanding of cathodes market.

They are able to employ flexible operation approaches and various tools to create customized solutions for our clients to allow for mutual development with our clients and stable growth of the Company.


Refined Metals

Domestic trade contact : Mr. Ye (86-21)35153612

            Mr. Lin (86-21) 35153611

                                             Mr.Zhang(86-21) 35153613

Foreign trade contact :  Mr.Zhang (86-21) 35153603

            Ms.Liao (86-21) 35153605


Copper Materials

Contact: Mr. Xi (86-21)35153621


Nickel Trading Department has enjoyed upside potentials in nickel raw materials, cobalt raw materials, nickel, cobalt, refined ferronickel, domestic nickel pig iron and chemicals.

Meanwhile, the Department is willing to establish extensive and close partnership with its industry peers on related products.

Domestic trade contact: Mr.Zhang (86-21) 35153708、Ms.Fang (86-21) 35153709

Foreign trade contact: Mr. Xu (86-21) 35153710、Ms.Ye(86-21)35153713


Multi-metal Department is a team within the firm which conducts domestic and foreign trade of nonferrous metals other than copper and nickel, rare and precious metals and minor metals.

With flexible and diversified operation approaches and timely and accurate access to market information, Multi-metal Department has made breakthrough in business model, in the meantime to ensure sustainable and stable development of the Department on the back of innovation as our core business philosophy.

Domestic trade contact: Mr.Chen (86-21)35153687

Foreign trade contact: Mr.Chen (86-21)35153686、Mr. Yu (86-21)35153689

Contact for raw materials business: Mr.Wei (86-21)35153688